Recover files from external hard drive

The usage of external (removable) hard disk drive became exceedingly popular and people find it convenient to store their business or personal data on the external hard drive. But what to do when an inconvenience occurs and the records from the external drive is lost?

Reasons for external drive data loss

There is always a possibility of encountering an external hard drive information loss, and there is no way anybody can make the disk absolutely safe. But it always does help to know what you are dealing with in case it comes to the folder loss.

Any of the following situations is threatening to your stored files;

  • Attack of a virus
  • Unexpected application failure or system shutdown
  • Power failure causing damage
  • Accidentally deleting the files or formatting
  • Damaged or lost partition structures

The important files should definitely be backed up, otherwise you will need to search for a solution or a folders recovery software to restore the files from the external hard disk.

Recover files from external hard disk

When you notice there is a records loss in external disk drive, do not go forward with any information-overwrite operation and, most importantly, do not attempt to restore the lost folders by opening up the external disk drive, or you can simply give up on it. For opening the disk up, it is necessary to be in an impeccable dust-free environment.

There are two methods to recover your data and the first includes an External Hard Drive Data Recovery Software, in which case the site salvagedata is highly recommended due to its support of the data restoration from an extensive variety of external disk drives. You can restore your files following five simple steps:

  1. Launch Salvagedata Recovery Wizard
  2. Choose the location of the disk storage where the records was lost and click ‘’Scan’’
  3. This scan will be quick and when it is done scanning, an automatic launch of a deep scan will begin; this happens so that more files can be found
  4. Choose the files you ought to recover by file type from the scanning results
  5. Click the ‘’Recover’’ button; at this point all the retrieved files should be saved on an additional disk, so you can avoid any data overwriting

The files are obtainable using an external disk partitions recovery software when an accidental deletion of the files on the external drive occurs, a virus attacks or if the drive gets unwantingly formatted.

Given your records was lost due to physical damage to the external drive, a data recovery service should be contacted. You should not, under any circumstances, open the drive by yourself; it needs to be opened in a clean, static-free environment or the disk ends up contaminated and you can tell it goodbye.The Recovery Services may be quite pricy, but considering there are experts on this field that can recover your important, irreplaceable files even from the seriously damaged external drives, the price sometimes does not even seem worth mentioning.